Client Pain Points With Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping should not be a chore!  It is a vital part of any business and should be taken just as serious as trying to find your next new customer.

Bookkeeping is the foundation of all businesses.  Without it many of them fail!

You would never want to drive a car without knowing how fast your going or how much fuel is in the tank.  So why would you want to run your business without the most up to date information.

Many small business operate based on how much money is in their bank account.  If you are serious about your business then this is not the way to operate.

If your bookkeeping is becoming a chore then speak to us and see how we could help you delegate this responsibility.  We will help you run your business with the most up to date information, whilst allowing you to concentrate on other tasks like, getting customers!

Some of the Bookkeeping Tasks we undertake for our Clients...

  • Create customer accounts
  • Agree terms of business with customers
  • Credit check customers
  • Send customer quotations
  • Record sales orders
  • Set up direct debit mandates for recurring sales
  • Prepare and send sales invoices and credit notes to credit customers
  • Send statements of account to credit customers
  • Chase credit customer debts when they fall due
  • Identify and record the correct amount of VAT on different types of sales to customers
  • Create stock item records
  • Build bill of materials
  • Build stock item price lists
  • Record deliveries sent and received
  • Complete stock takes and valuations
  • Adjust for stock movements
  • Create supplier accounts
  • Agree terms of business with suppliers
  • Apply for credit accounts with suppliers
  • Prepare and send purchase invoices
  • Match purchase invoices and credits to delivery notes received
  • Reconcile supplier statement with supplier accounts
  • Send payment remittances to suppliers
  • Record bank payments and receipts
  • Reconcile bank balances to bank statement balances
  • Maintain cash and petty cash account records
  • Reconcile credit card accounts to credit card statement balances
  • Post journals for things like depreciation, stock valuations, prepayments, accruals, loan & hire purchase interest, dividend or drawing payments.

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