Limited Companies

Client Pain Points With Limited Companies

There can be a lot of compliance based work that comes with operating as a limited company.  Especially if its your first time owning and/or managing one.

Understanding the reporting requirement or even your responsibilities as a director can take some time to get your head around.

We help you get to grips with everything to do with limited companies and offer advise as an when you need it.

Some of the Limited Companies Tasks we undertake for our Clients

  • Identify if the limited company route is right for them
  • Set up limited companies and incorporate with Companies House
  • Understand their legal rights and duties as company shareholders and directors
  • Remind them of important dates for the company
  • Appoint and remove directors with Companies House
  • Allot or reduce shares and file relevant paperwork with Companies House
  • Change accounting reference date with Companies House
  • Declare dividends to be paid to shareholders and prepare vouchers
  • Prepare and submit confirmation statements to Companies House
  • Prepare and submit company accounts to Companies House
  • Prepare and submit corporation tax returns to HMRC
  • Apply to strike off dormant and non-trading companies with Companies House
  • Deal with HMRC corporation tax inspections

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